Fit Factory

Start Date: Every Monday at 9:00am

End Date: Ongoing

Give Us a Call: 204.897.5482 EXT 104



“Fit Factory” is a weekly virtual exercise group that gets your heart rate up, in a short amount of time. Spend 30-45 minutes once per week; no equipment or experience necessary. All exercises can be modified to all levels. Exercise is proven to improve increase memory and brain function, reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, and improve sleep quality. So do yourself a favour and start a new healthy habit today! 

What is it? 
- A virtual fitness group 
- 30-45 minutes in length 

Who is it for? 
- Anyone and everyone!!  
- All levels are welcome; no experience required 

What is needed? 
- A mat or towel for the floor 
- A computer with camera 
- Running shoes and water